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Hannah Crandall TRUSS band singer

Hannah Crandall


Eric Kennedy Guitar TRUSS Band Cleveland

Eric Kennedy

Guitar, Bass

Holden Szalek Drums TRUSS Band Cleveland

Holden Szalek


TRUSS is a hard rock quartet from Cleveland, Ohio with roots in grunge, punk, and alternative metal. Taking influence from bands like Soundgarden, TOOL, Black Sabbath, and Paramore, TRUSS's energetic performances packed with heavy guitars and melodic vocals breathe new life into modern, honest hard rock.


Formed in 2018 while students at The Ohio State University, TRUSS was founded by vocalist Hannah Crandall, guitarist Eric Kennedy, drummer Holden Szalek, and original bassist Kip Leveridge. TRUSS quickly gained traction around Columbus, Ohio by playing at various college clubs, events, and parties. In February of 2019, Leveridge was replaced with bassist Thomas Rastatter, who shared a major with Kennedy. Shortly after, TRUSS underwent a stylization change to "TRVSS" as an attempt to prevent potential confusion on streaming platforms, an action that would later be reversed due to  legal issues. TRUSS released their debut single "Mayhem" in May of 2019, recorded in the studio at Ohio State's Wexner Center for the Arts by Cooper Towns, a friend of the band. To date, “Mayhem” has amassed nearly 700,000 streams across platforms. In October later that year, TRUSS was invited to record a live set at Columbus's Weird Music Studios, which would later become their 5-track EP, "Live at Weird Music Studios" (produced and engineered by Trevor Boggs). Following their graduation in December of 2019, Crandall, Kennedy, and Rastatter moved back to their hometown of Cleveland, Ohio while Szalek remained in Columbus to complete his graduate program. Mid-pandemic, Szalek moved back to Cleveland as live music was gradually being reintroduced.


Making up for "lost time," TRUSS performed their first major show after returning to Cleveland in June of 2021, opening for 90's alternative rock band Sponge and quickly began reestablishing themselves. Later that same year, TRUSS supported national acts Puddle of MuddAlice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss, and all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band Lez Zeppelin. The following year, TRUSS continued building their resume, supporting Everclear, Anberlin, Royal & The Serpent, and RIVALS, among others. 


In July of 2022, TRUSS released their self-produced debut album "Reset My Head," which received coverage from media outlets such as and Cleveland Scene Magazine. They released followup singles "SOILED" in September 2023 and "SELFISH" in June 2024. To date, TRUSS has additionally supported 10 Years, PLUSH, Big Wreck, Dead Poet Society, and The Dollyrots. In early 2024, Rastatter amicably left the band, with the 3-piece current lineup remaining Crandall, Kennedy, and Szalek.

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